The EmpowerTHEM Collective

Leadership * Advocacy * Economic Empowerment

Empowering the Community to Be SEEN, HEARD, AND TO ACT

Our Focus at the EmpowerTHEM Collective is to provide community members with the necessary tools to have a seat at the table, to advocate for and initiate change and to develop economic power through entrepreneurship.

At this time we have three pillar programs that support this focus

Leadership and Policy Academy

Our signature program a 12 week workshop on developing leadership and communication skills, understanding local and state policy and how to engage in systems change.

  • Participants will develop their personal mission and vision statement.

  • Identify their areas of focus for systems change.

  • Build their Advocacy and Policy toolkit that will support their on-going efforts for change.

  • Identify a community leadership/advocacy position to pursue.

Have the Audacity to Be SEEN

Advocacy through storytelling

As a society we are enthralled by Film, Theater (Think Hamilton) and Music. It is the story that takes us, the viewer on the Hero's journey.

This program provides the participants with the framework to narrate their story, to inspire the viewer to a Call to Action.

Participants will use video, audio and other media as a means to convey their compelling story and advocate for change in their respective communities and beyond.

Build-A-Business Academy

We believe that our communities should expand their ability to increase their economic stability.

Build-A-Business is a 6- month program that engages particpants in the process of developing a business idea, creating the necessary business plan and infrastructure to support the successful launch of a profitable business.

Participants will recieve mentoring from local bsuiness owners, as well as industry experts in respective fields that will support the development of a fully functioning business.

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